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Positive Pet Training

The Best Care for your Best Friend

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“The training facilities are fantastic, with a spacious purpose built room and an outside arena.”

Chris B, Google

“Learning how to perceive our puppy Nancy and to see things from her perspective has allowed us to avoid most of the issues we worried about and easily manage the few that did pop up. It has totally changed how we feel about and interact with other dogs – for the better!”

Clare L., Puppy Guardian

“We teach you how to teach your dog in a way that they can understand. That makes it effective, kind and fun!”

Dr Katie Friel-Russell BVSc MAPDT PGDip CCAB MRCVS, Positive Pet Training
Positive Pet Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our most frequently asked questions below, and more on each of our services. If you have any further questions please get in touch.

If this is your first time contacting us please fill in our contact form here or email on info@positivepettraining.co.uk or message us on our Facebook page.

We are based in Staffordshire and cover training throughout the county and beyond. We offer training online, in your own home (travel surcharge applies) and in our training field.

Depending on your dog and the problem you would like help with training online, in your own home or at our training field could be most suitable. Please contact us to discuss your case specifically so we can give a more individualised answer or see our blog discussing this here.

We can accommodate any time of the week for individual training subject to availability. Evenings (from 5pm) and weekends are higher in demand and book further in advance, to minimise wait list for those who truly need these slots we add surcharge for these premium bookings.

Our classes are run on a range of times during the week including weekends and weekday evening, please see individual class listings for current courses taking bookings.

Behaviour consults are run throughout the week with the last slot available at 4pm, weekend appointments are available but a weekend surcharge applies.

We offer individual or group training as well as full veterinary behaviour consults for both dogs and cats.

We run puppy training and our adult Life Skills class which once completed you can then go onto any other area of our training.

We run Agility, Hoopers, Gundog, Scent Work and real life training with our  Good Companion Awards. Each class has bronze, silver and gold classes for you to progress through. All our classes have a maximum of four dogs.

If classes aren’t suitable for you or your dog you can still have training in any of these areas on an individual basis.

We also offer assistance dog training and reactivity training on an individual/smaller group basis.

For veterinary behaviour consults we can claim direct with your pet insurance company or you can purchase from our website or through bank transfer.

For Individual Training you can purchase directly from our website in order to access the online learning required before your first session. We can offer you dates for your sessions in advance but your booking will only be confirmed once payment has been received.

For group classes you must pay in advance to secure your place on the course and access the online learning. You can pay online through our website or via BACS.

Cheques to be made out to Positive Pet Training Ltd.

We certainly can! The saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is completely false! We can teach dogs of any age and any capability. At Positive Pet Training we always recommend starting young where possible. This prevents your dog (and you!) from learning the wrong things. As an introduction we always ask you to start with our online learning. You then progress onto Individual training or Life Skills group course and then any of our bronze courses.

For behaviour consults where there are already behavioural concerns present we can certainly help. We address the underlying cause(s) to make the best possible progress and can see complete transformations in behaviour and can always make things safer and easier for all our cases and their families.

As Dr Katie is a veterinary surgeon we also specialise in training dogs prior to surgery such as helping them to cope with long periods of enforced rest prior to surgery which increases success rates. We are also happy to personalise training for dogs with health issues so please get in touch to discuss your dog’s specific requirements.

We also train all breeds of dog and have a wealth of knowledge working with all breed groups and traits but science has now shown us that there is more variation in behaviour in one breed than there is between different breeds. There may be certain training you and your dog might find more enjoyable or important due to the job they were bred for or you might have a specific goal that you’re working towards. Whatever your aim we can help you and work dog progress together.

At Positive Pet Training, we employ force-free methods, which means that we never inflict harm or fear upon your beloved pets. Our approach to training is firmly grounded in scientific principles. We take great pride in delivering ethical, effective, and high welfare training that has the potential to transform your bond with your dog.

Our trainers are all certified by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC), having undergone rigorous examination and independent assessment. In addition, they continually enhance their skills through Continued Professional Development (CPD). Dr. Katie Friel-Russell, BVSC, MAPDT, PGDip, CCAB, MRCVS, is a veterinary surgeon and a highly qualified behaviorist who can handle even the most challenging cases.

Our training program strives to be informative and stress-free for both you and your pet. We make sure that our training is enjoyable and feasible, no matter the starting level of you and your dog.

At the forefront of our philosophy is our commitment to force-free training. We understand the importance of treating pets with kindness and respect, which is why we steer clear of outdated and inhumane methods employed by old-school trainers. Our approach to training is rooted in real-life scenarios, giving your furry friend the tools they need to thrive in today’s world. By prioritising your needs and helping you to better understand your dog, we can create a collaborative environment that allows us to focus on what matters most to you both.

Another key aspect of our training service is our highly qualified veterinary behaviourist, Dr. Katie. With years of experience working with dogs of all breeds, ages, and behavioural concerns, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Our goal is to help you to establish clear communication with your furry companion and teach them the behaviours that matter most to you, all through fun games and training. Our commitment to providing a professional service is fueled by Dr. Katie’s extensive education and experience, ensuring that you receive top-notch training every step of the way.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

Expert Advice

We provide lots of free advice including insight and tips for many common training issues, as well as help on treats, health and welfare issues.

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