Is residential training a good idea?

Is residential training a good idea? To save you scrolling down here’s the short answer; no residential is not the best option for you and your dog. But

Hot Dog!

Hot Dog! When it’s hot outside you and your dog might love it or hate it, but either way you’ve got to ensure you keep your dog safe

Muzzle That Dog!

Muzzle That Dog! When we mention muzzles everyone gives us that same look. “Not my dog!” And it’s because as a society we all have the same perception

A Pain in the Butt!

Pain and Behaviour When our dogs do things that we wish they wouldn’t most people want to focus on stopping the behaviour. This is a really short term

Should I Use A Retractable Lead?

Should I use a retractable lead? Retractable, or extendable leads are those thin lines which wind in and out of the box container you hold. You can lock

Saying “no” to “no”!

Saying "no" to "no"! We don’t recommend punishing dogs for their behaviours or telling them off and we explain more about that in this blog here. But one

Punishment in Dog Training

Punishment in Dog Training Telling dogs off, telling them no, and generally punishing their behaviour is still seen by many as what dog training is about. We actually

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Prevention Is Better Than Cure Here at Positive Pet Training I do a lot of referral behaviour work. These are cases sent to me from their vets for

Are Puppy Classes Enough?

Are Puppy Classes Enough? The majority of people who have recently added a puppy to their family start thinking about puppy training. Usually group training is what people

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