Why use treats in training?


Why use treats in training? People regularly ask us why do we use treats in training? Many people worry about the calorific intake through using treats. Others worry that it is the same as “bribing” dogs and so are reluctant. This blog aims to take you through the reasons for and against using treats in training!

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To snip or not to snip? The question of castrating dogs


To snip or not to snip? The question of castrating dogs. If you have a male dog, even a puppy this is a question you may have already asked yourself. There is a lot of confusing information out there on castrating dogs so here I have condensed it all down.  So that you can make the

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Santa Paws


When Santa Paws comes to town When Santa Paws comes to town it can be a really exciting time of year! Many people get excited for months or weeks in advance of the big day. Out pets don’t get this same warning and it can be a shock to their system! There are lots of things

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Are tennis balls bad for dogs?


Are tennis balls bad for dogs?! So this blog questions “are tennis balls bad for dogs?!”to  which the short answer is "no"; but there are some major downsides.  Here I am to give you the pros and cons, and some other solutions to using tennis balls with your dog! Health So firstly there’s the health concerns,

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Words Matter


Words matter We generally don’t think about every single word that we use but sometimes we should. This is particularly important when it comes to emotive subjects which most certainly includes our dogs! Names we call things might seem like a silly thing to worry about as we all know what we mean; but words matter

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Everyday Spay


Everyday Spay People choose a bitch or a dog from a litter for a variety of reasons. “We’ve always had bitches”, “we’ve never had a bitch”, or “I like this one’s markings”. “Last one left of the litter” and “he/she was the most confident one of the litter” (this is always my favourite reason!!) are common

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Tasty Treats


Tasty Treats! At Positive Pet Training we are completely force free with our training methods, meaning that we don’t use anything that might hurt or scare dogs during training. So as part of our training we do use lots of rewards for positive reinforcement- this can be toys, fuss and verbal praise but we also use

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Multi-Cat Household


Multi-Cat Household Multi-cat households (where more than one cat lives in the house regardless of if they go outside or are indoor only cats) can be very stressful for many cats. In nature cats are not social creatures but as we have domesticated them we have encouraged them to have social groups (in the family). If

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My dog isn’t perfect – and that’s OK!


My dog isn’t perfect and that’s OK! To start the New Year, let’s start by setting out our expectations. Our last post New Year’s Pet Resolution discusses planning out what you are your pet want to work towards this year. But it is also important to remember that this is personal to you and your dog. You

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