Long Lines


How to safely use a long line If you train with us we may well recommend using a long line with your dog. These are basically a very long lead (5, 10 or even all the way up to 25 meters long). They don’t have a handle loop on the end and just

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Paddocks For Paws


Paddocks For Paws Last week we went to try out Staffordshire Moorlands newest dog business - Paddocks for Paws! Only a short 10 minute drive from our Training Academy in Whiston is a brand new secure dog field! They have a three acre field, fully enclosed with 6ft fencing throughout. Private hire is available throughout the

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Winter Walks


Winter Walks This time of year can be beautiful but winter walks can be difficult for many dog guardians. When the nights draw in and the weather gets cold on winter walks it’s easy to reminisce about summer strolls!   Safety Dark nights mean reduce visibility. This means you need to take extra safety precautions for

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Santa Paws


When Santa Paws comes to town When Santa Paws comes to town it can be a really exciting time of year! Many people get excited for months or weeks in advance of the big day. Out pets don’t get this same warning and it can be a shock to their system! There are lots of things

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Are tennis balls bad for dogs?


Are tennis balls bad for dogs?! So this blog questions “are tennis balls bad for dogs?!”to  which the short answer is "no"; but there are some major downsides.  Here I am to give you the pros and cons, and some other solutions to using tennis balls with your dog! Health So firstly there’s the health concerns,

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The Dangerous Game


The dangerous game! So we all love playing with our dogs. But we want to make sure it is safe and just as enjoyable for our dogs too! Sticks Every year, new devastating photos are circulated of traumatic injuries caused by sticks. These are usually from thrown sticks that dogs run into and these can incidents

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Christmas food and drink, not fit for canine consumption


Fabulous festive food is one of the highlights of Christmas for most of us. But it is vitally important that we enjoy it in a way that keeps our dogs safe. In a previous blog (Chocolate safety for dogs) we have covered the risks of chocolate. Now we’re going to focus on the possible dangers associated

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Chocolate at Christmas


Chocolate at Christmas Even though Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year for us, for our pets it can be a very stressful time and potentially dangerous. As guardians of our pets it is our duty to ensure that both our dogs physical and mental wellbeing are considered and being looked after. Firstly,

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