To snip or not to snip? The question of castrating dogs


To snip or not to snip? The question of castrating dogs. If you have a male dog, even a puppy this is a question you may have already asked yourself. There is a lot of confusing information out there on castrating dogs so here I have condensed it all down.  So that you can make the

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Pet Insurance Pitfalls


Pet Insurance Pitfalls Now I need to start this by asking “is your pet insured?”. If so, great! (But it’s still worth reading this to check that you’re spending your money wisely.) If not – read this and then do it! And avoid the common pet insurance pitfalls many people make! I’m not recommending a specific

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Everyday Spay


Everyday Spay People choose a bitch or a dog from a litter for a variety of reasons. “We’ve always had bitches”, “we’ve never had a bitch”, or “I like this one’s markings”. “Last one left of the litter” and “he/she was the most confident one of the litter” (this is always my favourite reason!!) are common

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Puppy for Christmas


Getting a Puppy for Christmas So first off we never recommend anyone getting a puppy for Christmas and this blog is here to explain why. We want every dog to be happy in their family and every family to be happy with their dog. This would mean much fewer dogs would end up in rescue and

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Christmas food and drink, not fit for canine consumption


Fabulous festive food is one of the highlights of Christmas for most of us. But it is vitally important that we enjoy it in a way that keeps our dogs safe. In a previous blog (Chocolate safety for dogs) we have covered the risks of chocolate. Now we’re going to focus on the possible dangers associated

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Chocolate at Christmas


Chocolate at Christmas Even though Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year for us, for our pets it can be a very stressful time and potentially dangerous. As guardians of our pets it is our duty to ensure that both our dogs physical and mental wellbeing are considered and being looked after. Firstly,

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