Chris Russell

Practice Manager

  • Organises all bookings, referrals, insurance claims and payments.

  • Happy to answer any questions you have.

  • First contact for media contacts, online enquiries and referrals.

Chris is the cog that keeps the wheels turning here at Positive Pet Training. He mans the office and ensures that we all get out to see the right clients at the right time as well as all of our social media and is our fantastic editor for all of our online courses on our Portal.

If you have a question throughout the booking process please talk to Chris, he’ll be able to help and knows much more about what’s going on with the bookings than any of our trainers!

Chris loves animals although allergies keep him at arm’s length so he is not a trainer and won’t be able to answer any specific training queries but he can pass the question on to the relevant team member.

“Helping you to help your animals along with the rest of the team”

Chris Russell, Positive Pet Training