Positive Pet Training

Training During the Pandemic

Here at Positive Pet Training the safety and enjoyment of you and your dog is of upmost importance. We know lots of you are desperate to get back to training whether for fun or because your dogs have struggled with the stress round lockdown so we are opening up again but with restrictions and safety measures in place.

  • Training over video on an individual is still available, and is the only option if anyone in your family is shielding. Video training is super effective and the safest option.

  • Group classes as always with only four dogs, but for now limited to one family bubble to handle but more than one person can attend.

  • Social distancing at all times during training. No approaching or touching each other’s dogs.

  • Bring your own water for your dog and ideally your own hand sanitiser.

Group Classes

We always ask you to give other dogs space before, during and after class both from people and to avoid all on lead greetings between dogs. This will be more closely monitored and enforced to comply with social distancing so please keep you and your dog at least two meters from everyone else whilst here. Some dogs are likely to require more than two meters.

Classes may need to be held outside depending on the lockdown restrictions and these classes will go ahead unless extreme weather e.g. thunder storms, very high temperatures, so please be prepared for all weathers!

To prevent cross contamination from households we will not provide water bowls during group training and so request that you please bring water for your dog.

We also ask you to please bring your own hand sanitiser with you to clean your hands before and after touching any surfaces although we will limit that as much as possible with instructors opening and closing gates wherever possible.

Some exercises will be slightly altered from our normal protocol but you and your dog will still learn how to do all of the training covered on the course.

If government guidelines change to higher levels of lockdown, or if we develop any symptoms or are contacted through track and trace we may have to delay classes with little or no notice I’m afraid. And equally if you show signs or are contacted you are unable to attend. If you cannot make a class due to coronavirus we will give you access to the video or written material and you can send us over any questions that you have and also send in video footage for us to feedback on so that you don’t miss out on the learning opportunities. 

If you or anyone in your family or Bubble is shielding we do not recommend that you attend classes at this time as it is not worth the risk to your health. We can offer individual help over video lessons instead or you can complete our online courses in your own time.

For those of you with classes left over from before lockdown we will be rescheduling these from July. If you can’t make the proposed class dates we may be able to offer alternative dates or can offer you a refund. We will be in touch shortly to get this sorted!

New classes are being filled with puppy classes and beginner level due to many missing out during the lockdown period and it is unlikely we will be able to offer any of our other follow on classes (Agility, Hoopers, Scent Work, Gundog and Good Companion) until September I’m afraid.

Individual Training and Behaviour Consults

We can help you on a individual basis for any of your training needs. This can delivered online or face to face at our training academy in Whiston. We are currently not offering training in your own home due to the higher risk of infection to all involved. 

When coming to us you can bring up to five members of the same household but must maintain social distancing from your instructor at all times. 

For those of you with outstanding sessions from before lockdown we are taking bookings from the start of July and will be in touch shortly to book you in. If you have paid for travel we will refund this cost or you can opt to wait until we are seeing people in their own homes again.

Due to furlough you may see a different instructor to previously, but all case notes will have been handed over to ensure continuation of care.

We want you and your dog to be able to continue your training journey and have fun but in a safe way!

Hopefully things will change over the next few months as things begin to return back to normal. Please keep a check on this page for our latest guidelines.


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