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Dog Training Via Video Consult

During lockdown and some of the higher tiers face to face training has had to stop. This has left so many people and dogs not getting the help that they need to build confidence and their relationship together.

But we can offer training via video (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime) covering all the same topics we normally would in individual or group training and our veterinary behaviour consults.

This change in how we deliver training has left some people a little wary, feeling that we need to actually be with your dog in order to train it. But remember that our training is focussed on training you, in order for you to train your dog. So we don’t need to be training your dog and online training has proven to be really effective!

As with all of our training we offer force-free science based advice with access to our online portal. Our online courses describing all the exercises in detail for you to reference back to between sessions.

Video training actually has some advantages over in person training you might like to consider:

  • You can listen more without being distracted by having to manage your dog and retain more information.

  • You get more training time as we don’t need to give time for your dog to settle into the environment.

  • We can focus on problems specific at home as we can see them in the place that they are happening, and cover behaviours outside of the home too.

  • Your dog isn’t distracted by having another person (the trainer)there, and you’ve not wound them up with a car ride so you can get more work out of them.

  • Most importantly you can prevent or stop behaviours now, and not leave them to progress and get worse whilst waiting for face to face training to resume. Prevention really is better than cure, and treatment is always much more effective the sooner you get it started.

So start today, get in touch and book your online training session and see for yourself just how effective they are!

Also be aware we are already racking up a big wait time for when restrictions are lifted. So if you are going to wait please anticipate waiting a few extra months!


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