Dr Katie Friel-Russell BVSc APDT PGDip MRCVS

Veterinary surgeon, veterinary behaviourist and dog trainer!

  • Qualified veterinary surgeon from Liverpool University.

  • Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC).

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Animal Behaviour Management from Lincoln University.

dr katie friel-russell Positive Pet Training

Dr Katie runs our mobile veterinary practice Positive Pet Mobile Vet and sees all of our referral behaviour cases. She really enjoys group training too, especially the higher levels of Hoopers, Agility, Gundog, Good Companion and Scent Work! She presents our online training and focuses on the education of guardians to improve animal welfare.

In the future she aims to become a CCAB registered and a member of the APBC.

“If you’re skeptical about this way of training, that’s ok! That means you are using your brain to assess whether this is likely to work or not. You are already using a scientific brain! All of our training is science based and so will suit you perfectly and you can see how effective it is, whilst also maintaining, and improving animal welfare!”

Dr Katie Friel-Russell MRCVS, Positive Pet Training