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Homemade Dog Ice Cream

On a hot day many of use enjoy nothing better than kicking back and enjoying the sun with a nice cool ice cream. So why not let your dog do it too?! Here’s a quick easy recipe for some homemade dog ice cream; when it’s hot you have to manage your dog’s day so they don’t over heat and this is another fun way to help keep them cool!

Another option is to make a frozen Kong for your dog on warm days – here’s how to do that!

As always we recommend adjusting their daily calorie intake to take into account the treats they are having. As these are super tasty in multi-dog households we also recommend giving your dogs these separately therefore avoiding introducing any conflict between them.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Freezing time: at least 8 hours

Serves: 8 large dog portions


homemade dog ice cream Positive Pet Training
  • 200ml natural yoghurt

  • 2 x bananas

  • 1 large heaped teaspoon peanut butter (ensure it doesn’t contain xylitol as this is toxic to dogs)

  • Fruit/vegetable to suit (e.g. strawberries, cucumber, carrots and raspberries)

Positive Pet Training dog ice cream


  • Blender
  • Silicon moulds/ice cube trays
  • Freezer
Step 1:

First of all blend the banana, yoghurt and peanut butter together to form a thick smoothie

Step 2:

Prep your moulds – if using larger moulds load up with some fruit/veg (we’ve used frozen strawberries here but you can be creative and mix it up if you like!), or use lots of small moulds for smaller dogs.

 Step 3:

Pour the smoothie over the fruit

Step 4:

Freeze (ideally minimum of 8 hours)

Step 5:

Take them out of the freezer, run under warm water for 2 seconds to ensure no tongues stick to the ice cream treat

Step 6:

Let your dog enjoy it and cool off!

p.s. for cats you can make a similar treat – just cut mix some natural yoghurt with some meat/fish – we find tuna the easiest! Freeze in small moulds and let your cats enjoy the cool treat!

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