Hot dog training

Hot Dog!

When it’s hot outside you and your dog might love it or hate it, but either way you’ve got to ensure you keep your dog safe and cool.


Heatstroke from dogs over heating is a very real concern that unfortunately still kills many dogs every year. We don’t get many very hot days a year but when we do we often struggle. Now imagine walking barefoot on the hot pavement, wearing a big furry coat and not being able to sweat to cool yourself on those days and you can see how much more difficult it is for your dog than it is for you.

We always recommend not to leave your dog unattended in a car but on hot days it can become a fatal mistake in just minutes, even with the windows open. Heat stroke can kill very quickly and even if dogs survive it can cause permanent organ damage.

If your dog is displaying signs of heatstroke (excessive panting, very red gums, vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, weakness) they need to get to a vet asap as an emergency! Ring your vet and let them know that you’re on your way and they can give further advice. You can help them cool with a towel draped on them soaked in cold water, dunk them in cold water, use ice packs and ensure they have plenty of cold water to drink.

Daily routine

Just like us the extreme heat can also be tiring, sap their energy and make them mentally sluggish. So expect your dog to find it more difficult to do work with you, that they might make mistakes or have less tolerance to things. Keep things easy and don’t ask much of them and things will go a lot easier for everyone!

If you’re ever questioning whether it’s too hot to walk your dog then it definitely is! No dogs die from missing a walk but many dogs die from being walked when it’s too hot. So on those few sunny days we have take a break and relax instead of heading out on a walk, even if it’s a whole week of hot days!

You can do some brain games and play at home instead – check out the list below for some more ideas. But if you have a very high drive dog you might have to also limit play sessions to prevent over heating if they won’t stop when they’re tired.

Help to keep your dog cool:

  • Always ensure your dog has access to cool water

  • Make some doggy ice cream as a cooling treat

  • Frozen ice blocks, including toys and treats hidden within, offer great cooking enrichment

  • Offer water flavoured with meat juices to help keep them hydrated

  • Cooling mats can give dogs an option to regulate their temperature

  • Dogs who love water can really enjoy a paddling pool, just make sure they are supervised and can exit the pools themselves

  • Ensure there is always shade available and bring your dog inside regularly to cool down

Special mention:

This care is incredibly important for all dogs but if you have a beachycephalic, short nosed, dog this is even more so. With narrower nostrils and tighter airways they can overheat more easily than other dogs and so need to be even more carefully managed.

We hope you enjoy the sun with your dog this summer, just keep things nice a cool!


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