Ian Friel-Russell MAPDT 

Head Dog Trainer

  • Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (MAPDT) and Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) Registered Animal Training Instructor.

  • Class One Dog Trainer Royal Army Veterinary Corps.

  • Specialist in scent detection work.

Ian learnt about the science behind dog training and developed his drive to improve animal welfare when in the military. Ian trained to the highest level handling dogs in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.

During these testing times it was so evident that, aside from the welfare aspect, force-free training was the way forward. In these awful conditions dogs trained through fear and intimidation would not work. Ian’s happy, force-free trained dogs thought it was the best game in the world! Even on the hottest days! They would work for Ian and saved many lives with the important work that they did.

Since leaving the armed forces Ian has concentrated his expert training knowledge and ability to pet dog training. He has undertaken an intensive course at Lincoln University learning about the new science based “Life Skills” approach. Ian has really shone in the pet dog training aspect but is also happy to work with anyone wanting to work dogs including detection, tracking and gun dog work.

Ian takes our Individual Training cases and some of our group classes too. He has written our scent work courses ensuring you and your dog are learning from the best!

Ian Friel-Russell MAPDT (01241)

“Helping dogs be a happy, confident member of the family is the most rewarding training I can do.”

Ian Friel-Russell, Positive Pet Training