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At Positive Pet Training we offer science based, force-free training for dogs of all ages, breeds and training levels. Whether you’ve just got a new puppy, have a dog you’d like to compete with, a family dog to have fun with or a dog with behavioural problems; we can help!

Behaviour Consults

To diagnose and treat complex behavioural concerns.

Focussing on emotionally driven behavioural concerns.



To teach new behaviours to your dog in a personalised session.

To work on specific training goals important to you and your dog.


Work in our small group classes in a range of

Life skills, Gundog, Hoopers, Agility, Scent Work and Good Companion.

Cat Veterinary
Behaviour Consults

To diagnose and treat complex behavioural concerns in cats.

Inappropriate toileting, fighting, reactivity, over grooming and more


Self-paced courses as stand alone or alongside in person training

Our in-depth courses cover everything you need to know to help your dog.


From picking a puppy to toilet training and everything else.

Online courses and in person training to support you & your pup.

We’re here to support you and your dog

Training with us is all about you. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively teach your dog. By following the most up to date, scientific methods we can help you have the best relationship possible allowing us to avoid or treat any behavioural concerns. All of our training is completely force-free so we won’t ever hurt or scare pets in order to train them.


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150 +

Vet practices refer cases to us

Confidence is Key

Most behaviour problems are due to anxiety, fear and frustration. Happy dogs don’t struggle and learn much faster. The more confident your dog is the less likely you are to ever struggle with their behaviour.

That’s why we focus on building your relationship and trust helps to foster resilience in your dog. Improving your and their quality of life is all dependent on confidence.

Physical Health

The vast majority of behavioural concerns have at least one medical influence affecting them. In order to fully address, or avoid, behavioural problems we must ensure that any medical issues are fully addressed.

Medical problems are extremely common, even in young dogs, but they can be difficult to detect. Our veterinary behaviourists are trained to investigate any possible medical issues affecting your dog.

Effective Teaching

If we expect our dogs to learn it is only fair that we first understand how to teach. When training with us we will show you how to help your dog learn as fast as possible, to continue that learning life long, and to effectively communicate with your dog.

So many problems arise through miscommunication between dogs and people. But once we understand each other things become a lot clearer.

Behavioural health needs to be taken just as importantly as medical health as it has such a huge impact on welfare.

We focus on happy pets and happy people so you and your dog can enjoy your life together.

Dr Katie Friel-Russell BVSc MAPDT PGDip CCAB MRCVS


Trusted by our clients and their dogs

Our successful, effective training philosophy

Through a combination of understanding your dog, managing their behaviour and teaching through play, you can reach your goal whilst having fun with your dog.

Our relationship building, confidence boosting and emotionally changing approach to training yields fantastic results. So why not get started now?


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