Veterinary Behaviour Consult

If your dog is insured you may be covered for behaviour therapy.

  • Check if your policy has behaviour cover and any limitations.

  • If the symptoms started before your cover was in place it is likely that it will be classed as “pre-exisiting” and unfortunately not covered.

  • We can claim direct with your insurance so you only pay us your excess (as listed on your policy)

  • If you’re not covered you would need to pay any remaining costs yourself.

  • We can run a preauthorisation with PetPlan to confirm if you’re covered prior to the consult.

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Our veterinary behaviour consults are run by Dr Katie Friel-Russell BVSc APDT PGDip MRCVS and follow an evidence based medicine approach. This means all of our work is backed by science and is also completely force-free meaning we don’t hurt or scare dogs in any of our training.

Our consults cost £550 and can be claimed on your pet insurance. It includes access to our online course, on hour theory consult, an hours practical consult, written report and 12 months email support. 

How the consult works

We can get started right away helping you and your dog.

All behaviour consults must be referred by your vet. If this hasn’t happened yet please contact your vets and ask them to send a referral over to us directly.
We need a referral so that we have access to your dog’s medical records and your vet on board for any medical investigation or treatment due to the behaviour consult. Over 80% over dog’s referred for behaviour concerns actually have a primary medical issue causing these behaviours. Without effective treatment of the medical issue we will not see the behavioural changes that you are looking for.

Please email us to book your consult in and let us know if you would be able to attend weekday/weekend consults. There is a £100/hr weekend surcharge which is paid by your insurance if you have cover.

Please also let us know your pet insurance company. You should check your policy for cover details and whether the condition started before or after you were covered to determine how likely it is that you will be covered. If you are not covered you will need to pay any outstanding balance.

If you are insured with PetPlan we can run a preauthorisation to confirm if you have cover before the consult so please send us:

  • Your policy number
  • The full name of the policy holder
  • The date when you first noticed the change in behaviour
  • A few words describing the behaviour

We will then send everything to PetPlan and let you know if you’re covered.

We can claim direct with insurance companies which means you just pay us your excess and we claim the rest back from your insurance directly.

Each policy has different excess amounts. Please check your excess for “Vet Fees” on your policy and transfer it to us using your pet’s name and your surname as the reference.

Bank Details:

  • Positive Pet Training
  • Account number: 73849197
  • Sort code: 53-70-15

Please make an account on our portal and we will add the Behaviour course to your account.

Complete the behavioural history form and send it back to us. Then complete the rest of the online course ahead of your first consult.

We will send you a zoom link for the initial one hour consult with Dr Katie. This session is completely theory based and so you don’t need to do any training with your dog during it.

This session focusses on management techniques, medical influences on behaviour and the working diagnosis for your dog.

You then have an hours practical session at our centre with Dr Katie to teach you and your dog the practical behavioural modification techniques required.

For this session please bring lots of high value treats, a toy that your dog likes to play with and a fixed lead with a non tightening harness/collar that you usually use.

You and your vet have reports sent out to you explaining the diagnosis for your dog, any medical work up and treatment as well as the first steps of behavioural modification.

You have 12 months email support included in your initial consult and there is the option of further practical training at additional charge. These extra sessions can be claimed as a continuation on your insurance including building up to working around other dogs and people in our group work where appropriate.

“I found the behaviour consultation really informative and it made me realise how much we needed training as well as our dog. You think you are doing the right think but we have probably been making things worse.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our most frequently asked questions below, and more on each of our services. If you have any further questions please get in touch.

Email us on, give us details of your insurance company and general availability for training. Once you’ve paid your excess and made a Portal account we are good to go!

We are based in Staffordshire Moorlands in Whiston village, between Stoke on Trent and Ashbourne on the main A52 Ashbourne road. If you have an older satnav the postcode ST10 2BF will likely take you into Cheadle instead. If this is the case you can try ST10 2HZ to bring you to Whiston. Stay on the main road in Whiston, don’t turn up Black Lane. We are on the main road with a car park and large Positive Pet Training Dog Academy sign on the building.

For specific cases this can be appropriate but for the majority of cases training at our academy mean we get the most out of the session.

For dogs who struggle with visitors – an hour of having Dr Katie in your home is too much for these dogs and they won’t be able to learn any of the other exercises we want to teach them and we see much more progress more quickly with them coming to us.

For dogs who can’t cope leaving the home – often having visitors will shut them down even more and make it impossible for them to practice the training exercises too. We have a few different options for these dogs that we can discuss in the theory session to determine which is most appropriate for you and your dog.

Our initial consult is £550, there is a £100/hr surcharge for weekend consult and follow on sessions are £200/hr. Any additional time will be charged at these rates.

Bank details: Positive Pet Training Ltd

Account number: 73849197

Sort Code: 53-70-15

We certainly can! Dr Katie sees dogs who are really struggling on a daily basis and can make a huge difference to them and their family’s quality of life.

But behavioural modification is not a quick fix. It takes time and effort for you to practice the games and training with your dog and to gradually help them cope. We have hundreds of success stories and yours can be one too.

At Positive Pet Training all of our training is force free (meaning we do nothing to hurt or scare your pets), high welfare and science based training. Our whole background is focused on the science behind training. We are proud to offer extremely high quality training in top of the range facilities!
All our trainers are registered with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC). This means they have been examined to a high level. Dr Katie Friel-Russell BVSC APDT PGDip MRCVS is also a veterinary surgeon and behaviourist.

Firstly we are force free! I know we say this a lot, but it is because it is so important! We are not like old school dog trainers who still hurt and scare pets in order to get the behaviour they want.

Secondly Dr Katie is a veterinary behaviourist. Trainers are working to teach new behaviours. For dogs who are struggling that is not what is needed. We need to change how dogs feel to ultimately change their behaviour. As so many of these dogs have medical influences on their behaviour without addressing this you also won’t see the improvement you’re hoping for. As Dr Katie is working on helping the dog as a whole, emotionally, cognitively and physically, we can get the best results.