Dr Katie Friel-Russell BVSc APDT PGDip CCAB MRCVS

Veterinary surgeon, veterinary behaviourist and dog trainer!

  • Qualified veterinary behaviourist available for comment on matters relating to animal behaviour, health and welfare.

  • Regularly in live discussions on BBC Radio Stoke

  • Quoted in the Times and the Guardian.

dr katie friel-russell Positive Pet Training

Dr Katie is happy to be asked for comment on any aspects relating to animal, health and behaviour especially in companion animal species (dogs, cats and rabbits) and how it impacts humans and the human-animal bond. As one of the most qualified people in the UK in regards to dog behaviour you can ensure you are supplying your audience with the most up to date information and avoid the many unqualified people in the field.

Podcasts, radio, film and written content would all be considered so please contact us today for an expect opinion.

“I enjoy talking about dog behaviour and helping others to understand it. Making things relatable to people helps everyone, allows us to empathise with animals and aids with memory.”

Dr Katie Friel-Russell MRCVS, Positive Pet Training