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New Years Pet Resolution

As January and the new year are just around the corner it is a time many people are thinking about making a New Year’s Pet Resolution! Time to make changes and plan for the year ahead for you and your companion!

There are lots of aspects of life you might want to improve for you and your pets. Here are a few examples to get you started with some tips;

Weight loss for pets

The most common new year’s resolution for people each year! Unfortunately there are also huge numbers of obese pets in the UK which is detrimental to their health and wellbeing. But dropping the pounds can be difficult. Keeping records is key (it’s easy to expect big things but actually small reductions can be best). Feeding the right food and weighing out portions is too.

Guessing measurements leaves lots of room for mistakes and only a few extra grams daily can make a huge difference. Increased exercise is part of the process – more movement means more calories burnt! Without reducing energy intake (food) then exercise alone is very unlikely to result in success! Getting pets to do more can involve more play (particularly for cats inside the home), more walks, including off lead exercise or dog sports! If you’re not sure if your pet needs to lose weight (or you know that they do) talk to your vet and they will be happy to help – many vets even offer free weight loss help!

Dog Sports

Starting a new sport with your dog can be a great aim for the year. Helps you stay fit and spend more time with your best friend! There are a range of popular sports in the UK from the well know Agility, to Canicross (off-road running with your dog attached by a bungee), or Treibball (think competitive football for dogs). Dog sports offer physical and mental exercise for your companion so are a great outlet and bonding experience. As well as training for lots of other real-life situations at the same time. So explore something new and contact your local force free trainer to see what they offer!

Functional Training

Most pet guardians (trainers included) have something that if their dog or cat could do would make their lives much easier. Sometimes this is standard training such as recall work, lead work or a “leave” which can hugely impact dogs and people’s quality of life. Or handling issues e.g. coping with grooming, ear drops or vet examination. All of these can be stressful for pets but are often necessities throughout the year. So helping your pet understand what is happening and to cope with it can remove this stress! Think about the things you know your pet struggles with and make a list to work through this year!

Learn something new

Take the time to learn something new about your pet. It might be understanding them more, learning about body language and behaviour, or maybe you want to learn more about first aid and how their body works. You could look into where they come from, evolution and domestication. Maybe you have an exotic pet and you want to find out more about them. We find out new things all the time about our amazing tortoise!

If you’ve set you and your pet a new year’s pet resolution we’d love to hear about it and how you get on throughout the year, and good luck!


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