Our Facilities

Dog Training Academy, Whiston, Staffordshire Moorlands.

  • Purpose designed Dog Training facilities.

  • Large indoor training room.

  • Two secure outdoor training areas.

our facilities Positive Pet Training

All training needs generalising in real life situations. We use real life distractions when training outside including sheep and rabbits in the next field, and cars and lorries on the busy road. This gives dogs a chance to prove they understand their training even when there’s lots going on. This means better responses when out on walks!

Our Facilities – Indoor

Our indoor facilities include our large open room in which we take our classes and one-to-one training. As we only ever have a maximum of four dogs in class it means each dog and guardian have lots of space to practice. During classes the room is open and bright but we may use barriers between you and other clients to help dogs cope and be able to concentrate better. The flooring on our indoor training area is specific to give just enough grip for dogs so that they don’t injure them selves but not too much as to be painful on pads.

Indoor training is great for when low distractions are required, for working on more technical behaviours such as trick training and for bad weather! We alway recommend bringing some warm and waterproof clothing when training in Staffordshire. With our indoor training room we can avoid the worst of it and keep you and your dog warm and dry!

This is also the room in which we run our seminars as it is easily converted into a state of the art classroom. We make use of our digital project and have plenty of space for demonstrations where appropriate.

Our Facilities – Outdoors

Our outdoor training area includes a large secure run with five foot fencing.  State of the art substrate to cushion joints designed specifically for high impact work such as agility or those with joint concerns. Dogs love the squishy surface too and they often act like they’re at the beach!

We also have our extra large grass based run! This is great for dogs who find the sand substrate too distracting and also allows us to have more training time for everyone in class!

The runs also gives the ability to exercise dogs who may struggle elsewhere. This may be due to reactivity to people or dogs, or lack of recall. If you would like to have access to the run this can often be arranged following training with us.

We also have on lead exercise and training areas at our academy used throughout training especially when we work to increase distractions.

Parking and Toilets

Our own carpark is directly off the A52 running through Whiston Village. There is always plenty of room to park right outside. We also have indoor toilets in case you get caught short. We ask that if your dog needs to go when here that you please take the poo home with you. This ensures that we comply with council regulations.


For the safety of your dog, and others, we ask for proof of vaccination for all dogs coming to our academy. We do not require the kennel cough vaccine. We ask if your dog is coughing for you not to attend the dog academy to prevent spread of infection. If you have any questions regarding vaccination or any other health concerns please talk to our resident vet Katie.

“Katie is a great teacher, the training is positive with no aversive methods and the facilities are fantastic.”

Lisa B, Google