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Paddocks For Paws

Last week we went to try out Staffordshire Moorlands newest dog business – Paddocks for Paws! Only a short 10 minute drive from our Training Academy in Whiston is a brand new secure dog field!

Paddocks For Paws

They have a three acre field, fully enclosed with 6ft fencing throughout. Private hire is available throughout the day 6am-10pm seven days a week. Hire is exclusive for you and your dog(s), although friends can book to go together for a doggy play date! There is also a ten minute gap between bookings so you should be able to avoid seeing any other people or dogs whilst there. This is perfect for any fearful or frustrated dogs to give them the space they need!

  • Individual use for your dog(s) and friends

  • Secure fencing so it’s great for practicing recall

  • Relaxed time with your dog(s)

Our experience

We turned up with our two boys, Barnaby and Cornelius! With a Miniature Pinscher who is only 4kg we didn’t see any holes large enough for him to escape from. But as with any enclosure you would need to be careful with smaller dogs and diggers near the fence line!

Paddocks For Paws 

It was warm when we arrived and we had bought water with us but there was fresh water available in a trough. They had also thoughtfully supplied shallow water baths to cool off warm feet (or bums!).

Our boys really enjoyed having a slow mooch around the field smelling all the interesting smells! On a cooler day there is lots of space for games and plenty of room for dogs to play chase together.

We really enjoyed our time up there and am sure we will be back soon!

Why use an enclosed field?

There are lots of reasons people choose to use an enclosed field, here are just some of them:

  • If your dog’s recall isn’t reliable
  • If someone else is walking your dog for you and is cautious about your dog’s response to their recall when you aren’t there
  • To avoid other dogs
  • To avoid other people
  • To avoid livestock
  • The safety of a private field rather than walking alone
  • If there is lighting (which there may be at Paddocks For Paws by winter) to walk in the dark
  • For Guardians with limited mobility as you can let your dogs run whilst doing less so yourself

Want to book?

If you’d like to find out more or book your spot see there website: https://www.paddocksforpaws.com They have a niffy online booking system and costs start from £5 for half an hour for one dog.

Let us know how you get on!

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