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Individual Training

As with all of our training our Individual Training is completely science based and force-free. Sessions are undertaken by one of our highly qualified trainers and personalised written notes emailed out after each visit.

When purchasing four hours as a block you also gain access to our Online Introduction to Dog Behaviour course (worth £50) and one of our Positive Pet Training Treat Bags (worth £20)

Let us know what your training goals are and we can work with you towards them whilst building on the relationship between you and your dog and helping you to understand each other more.

For more complex behavioural issues we would recommend our Behaviour Consult instead.

“Flynn had three private lessons with Katie from Positive Pets and the changes were amazing, He pulled on the lead constantly and after one lesson he (or should I say we) had learned where we were going wrong. Thoroughly recommend Positive Pets.”

Dawn B, Google

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our most frequently asked questions below. If you have any further questions please get in touch.

Our Individual Training is £65/hr or four hours for £200 (usually delivered over three sessions, with the first session being two hours long). Four hours also gives you access to our Online Introduction to Dog Behaviour Course and our Positive Pet Training Treat Bag.

(£10/hr surcharge for appointments on Sundays/BH and after 6pm weekdays)

If we travel to you there is an additional travel charge.

You can pay with cash, cheque, card, on our website with PayPal or through bank transfer.

To access the reduced rate of four hours you must pay for all four sessions on the first session. Payment is required to give access to the online seminar prior to your first session, you can make this payment by purchasing your online learning directly on the website.

You have access to the online seminar ahead of your first session. This includes videos and handouts explaining dog behaviour, dog body language and how dog’s learn.

You can purchase this directly from the website and this cost is then deducted from your charge for individual training.

Individual Training is used when Group Training is not suitable or to work on specific training issues.

Group Training might not be suitable if class times, or being free at the same time each week doesn’t work, or if travel to us is difficult. Also for dogs who would find it too difficult being around other people and dogs.

Individual Training is tailored specifically to you and your dog’s needs, so if you have something you really want to work on then this is a great way to focus on it to get the results that you want.

We offer Individual Training to suit you on every day of the week except Saturday when we are fully booked with classes.

Sunday’s and evening appointments (after 6pm) are high in demand and to keep waiting lists shorter there is an additional £10/hr surcharge on these visits.

We also offer Group Training in Good Companion Awards, Agility, Gundog, Hoopers and Scent Work classes.

All classes have progression from bronze through to gold medals! All of these levels can be trained on an individual basis if you wish.

We can do either. We do recommend at least the first session is at home as the initial consult has a lot of theory to get through which can be frustrating for dogs who may struggle doing a two hour session here.

If the problems are at home (e.g. toilet training, mouthing, stealing etc.) then it is more beneficial to have the training at home too.

Individual Training is focusing on training issues – that is new behaviours that you would like your dog to learn.

E.g. walking on the lead, recall, puppy problems, any of our fun training (agility, hoopers, gundog, scent work) etc.

Our Veterinary Behaviour Consults are a much more in-depth approach required for emotionally driven behaviours. These require a referral from your vet but, unlike any of our other training, can be claimed for on pet insurance.

E.g. reactivity to people or dogs, guarding, separation related problems, noise phobia, generalised anxiety etc.

Yes, after every session you will be emailed out notes detailing all the behaviours we taught that session. Notes can take up to a week to be finalised and emailed out.

Yes, the training session is for us to teach you how to teach your dog. You need to practice at home to proof the behaviours and give you and your dog the practice that you both need!
Frequent, short sessions are best and are easy to fit in around every day life!

As long as you give over 48 hours notice we can just rearrange the Consult to another time to suit (as long as this is not a regular occurrence).

If given less than 48 hours notice you may still be charged in full.

Please fill in our contact form.

Give details of the behaviours you would like to work through as well as availability for Individual Training. We will then be in touch with some potential dates.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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