Scent Work

Here at Positive Pet Training we have a wealth of scent detection knowledge and we can teach you how to teach your dog to do it too!

Our scent work courses can be suited to every dog whether your dog most enjoys treats or toys as a reward! Gundog breeds are most likely to have a big drive for this work but we can train dogs from Pugs up to Great Danes!

Each level of our bronze, silver and gold courses has different goals but all our training is working on a passive indication which is a much higher level of training! Start with an indication and progress through to thorough searches!

So why not try something new and get that nose working!

Once you’ve passed your gold you can join our Nose Knows club and have fun competing in scent work course with others!

“We had a great time learning something new with Amber, she really enjoyed the six week course and we will definitely be back to do the silver level!”

Sim S, Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our most frequently asked questions below. If you have any further questions please get in touch.

All prices are listed on class booking pages where you can book directly

Classes are an hour long and the course runs for six weeks. These are generally six consecutive weeks (same day of the week and time) unless otherwise stated.

To start the bronze course your dog needs to have completed our Life Skills class.

And to progress onto the silver and gold they must first pass the previous levels.

No, our courses are not attendance based. There is an assessment at the end of the course. If you pass you will receive your medal and be eligible to continue up the levels.

The standard required to pass is high and some dogs will not pass first time but as long as you and your dog are having fun and making progress that is the most important thing! We will always support you and your dog and work to help get the best from them.

We currently offer Good Companion Awards, Agility, Gundog, Hoopers and Scent Work classes.

All classes have progression from bronze through to gold medals!

There are many reasons people can’t make group classes.

We can offer this type of training as individual training or many of our courses are available online for you to follow at home too!

Yes, the online course on our Portal accompanies this course for you to reference back to.

Yes, the class is for us to teach you how to teach your dog. You need to practice at home to proof the behaviours and give you and your dog the practice that you both need!
Frequent, short sessions are best and are easy to fit in around every day life!

As our courses are delivered as a set block of classes, with the same people and dogs, not roll-on-roll off it means if you can’t make a date unfortunately you are unlikely to be able to attend on another day to catch up.

You will still receive the written notes from the missed class and we endeavour to help you catch up over the rest of the course but there are sometimes limitations with this.

Yes! It is great for the family to all get on board with training.

We welcome children into class too but they must not interrupt other dogs’ training and children must be supervised at all times and are the sole responsibility of their parent/guardian.

If there are any concerns over infectious disease e.g. coughing or parasitic diarrhoea then please do not bring your dog to the Academy as you risk infecting others. If your dog is otherwise unwell it is unlikely they will do well in class and so we would still recommend leaving them at home. You can still come along and learn the exercises to teach them once they are better!

The same goes for bitches in season. Their hormones send the other dogs into a frenzy and no one, including your dog, learns very much. If actively bleeding please leave your girl at home, but feel free to come to class on your own to learn the exercises!

If you have any other questions

please contact us