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Bronze Agility Class

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Bronze Agility classes:

  • Maximum four dogs per class
  • Force-free training
  • Six week course
  • Progressive levels available
  • Soft impact surface for jumping
  • Can cater for all physical abilities and ages (humans and dogs!)
  • High welfare agility!

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Bronze Agility Class

agility classes

Our bronze agility class is different to most! Our unique approach is force-free like all our other training. It is also 100% based on dog welfare!

Many agility classes are hectic and stressful for dogs. They might enjoy running the course but find the preamble and excessive waiting around very stressful!

Instead we focus on dog’s coping well and teach appropriate behaviours for waiting and frustration tolerance during our classes. Our classes have a maximum of four dogs it means they have lots more opportunity to practice on the equipment too!

We will not force dogs to do any equipment they aren’t comfortable with. Instead we focus on increasing confidence around these items until the dog can enjoy it!

It is a great way to spend time with your dog both getting some physical exercise. But our classes are also great behavioural help for dogs too!

agility classes

What is included?

  • Six weeks of one hour classes
  • Maximum four dogs per class = much more time on equipment for your dog compared to regular agility classes!
  • Bronze medal on passing of the course (you can then work towards silver and gold!)

This course introduces the basic equipment and by the end of the course you and your dog should be able to run a route including jumps, a tunnel, weave poles, pause box.

We ask all dogs to begin with our bronze course, even if they have done agility elsewhere before. This is because some of the training techniques employed elsewhere may not comply with our ethos and so would negatively impact the dog’s welfare. Many dogs currently doing agility elsewhere find it very difficult to switch off between runs too. A huge part of this course is ensuring that dogs cope well throughout – so that’s why bronze is suitable for all levels.

You will start work on some of the more complex equipment too which will progress in later levels too!

Who is the class for?

Our agility classes are for any dogs who have completed, at a minimum, their Life Skills class with us. This is to ensure all dogs are happy and confident at our Dog Academy and working around other dogs. By completing the Life Skills class you and your dog will have also started our force-free training and have begun some of the necessary skills to excel at agility.

If you have yet to complete Life Skills please book onto that course first and you can then progress to agility.

If classes aren’t suitable for you and your dog (due to timings of classes, or dog reactivity etc) you can book in for 1-2-1 agility instead. It is not necessary for you to have completed life skills if you go down this route.

Due to our high quality, low impact surface our agility can be suitable for most dogs. We also have low movement options including hoopers (like jumps but without the jumping!) and limited turning meaning we can do a course even with some medical restrictions (overseen by our vet Dr Katie).

We do want dogs to be mature before jumping any height but can start classes from a younger age to most classes due to our unique approach to agility! All dogs must be over six months before starting agility but we will discuss any other restrictions based on breed and conformation of your dog.

How to book

Pick the start date which suits you best above and purchase your spot!

If you want to discuss suitability or anything about the course get in touch by emailing ( or phoning (07785 800008)

Start dates on here and on our Facebook page!

What to bring

  • High and low value treats
  • Non tightening harness/collar and fixed lead
  • Sensible footwear (you might be running!) and clothing (it’s mostly outdoors!)
  • Poo bags

4 reviews for Bronze Agility Class

  1. Nichola Garratt (verified owner)

    Having had an individual session, we knew we liked positive pet training’s approach, but we had no idea how much Scout would love the agility classes! It was brilliant for helping her learn to concentrate and over come her over arousal from outside influences. She relished each new challenge and it was lovely to see her so happy each lesson.

    She is not confident around other dogs, so the small class size was an important factor for us. We also really appreciated the time taken to explain each exercise, and the helpful guidance as we progressed.

    Really excited for silver level!

  2. Georgina Tanner (verified owner)

    This was an excellent course, broken down into small segments and easy to understand. ( Perfect for beginners )
    Kate was very patient and calm and being in a small group certainly helped Poppy gain more confidence.
    The facilities are excellent, both indoor and outdoor .
    We progressed better than we expected and can’t wait for the Silver level.
    Highly recommended and fun all the way !

  3. Karen price

    We’ve just finished the bronze Agility course with Kate, it was excellent, not only did it teach Lily the basic skills needed for the agility, she learnt so much more, or should i say we learnt so much more. The whole course was delivered clearly, Kate took time to explore our concerns and was extremely helpful with other questions which weren’t related to the course. We were so impressed with the whole set up, we’ve signed up for our next course and we can’t wait.
    Positive Pet Training are are MUST for dog training, because boy, do they know there stuff Thanks guys.

  4. Lyn Clowes

    My border collie, Gibbs, has just achieved his bronze award in agility. I am so proud of him and I know that with Katie’s caring guidance he can enjoy other courses and achieve awards. Gibbs is strong minded and a little hyper but Katie has taught me how to help him to think and to make the right decisions and everything is done with kindness.
    I highly recommend Positive Pet training and Gibbs and I will be signing up for another course asap

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