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Bronze Scent Work Class

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Bronze Scent Work Class

  • Scent work group class
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Force-free training
  • Maximum four dogs per class
  • Written notes for each class
  • Six week course, one hour lessons
  • Progressive levels available
  • Bronze medal on passing

Upcoming Bronze Scent Work Classes:

  • New class dates will be released to our priority list first – please let us know if you’d like to be placed on our priority list for this or any other course.
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Bronze Scent Work Class

Our Bronze Scent Work Class is suitable for all breeds of dogs and all abilities who have first passed our Life Skills Class. It is essential to take the Life Skills course first to ensure your dog can cope in our fantastic facilities and working around other dogs. It also introduces some of the required behaviours for our Scent Work Class.

As with all our training class there are a maximum of four dogs per class and all training is force-free and science based. This ensures a high level of attention for your and your dog and more access to scents and working time too.

All dogs can do scent work but working breeds may particularly excel at this work. It is a great calm activity to do with your dog giving them fantastic mental stimulation! Once they can indicate on scents you can do as much or little as you like. You can show off to guests with a great party trick! Or use it to tire you dog out on a snowy day or after surgery when they can’t go for as much of a walk!

What the course covers

This Bronze course starts the foundations of having a true detective dog!

Our goal is by the end of the course your dog offers a passive indication on one scent! This includes offering some great detection work in different environments and finding where the scent is.

This is really hard work and will require practice at home before the end of class.

Week six of the course includes a low stress assessment of each dog. If you and your dog pass you will earn your Bronze Scent Work medal. You’ll then be eligible to attend our Silver Scent Work Class!

How is this course different to other scent work classes?

Ian spent eleven years in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps training dogs to detect scents and this is his favourite type of training! Because the course is written by a working dog trainer (Ian) who trained dogs to the highest level we are working towards a really high level of scent work in our Gold Class.

Many other classes work towards an active indication and based around scenting out food. This involves a dog sniffing out the food and trying to get it. Instead our class works on a separate scent and uses self-control for the dog to indicate and wait for a reward. This is a much higher level of training and work but so worth it!

How to book

Select a date that suits and purchase your ticket online!

If your dog hasn’t completed Life Skills first please book onto that course first instead.

If you would like to discuss the suitability of the course for your dog or anything about the course please get in touch. Email or call 07785 80008.

Multiple family members are welcome to attend classes, including children. Children must be supervised at all times and not be disruptive to other dogs, particularly during searches.

Please see our Terms and Conditions here.

What to bring

  • High and low value treats
  • Non-tightening harness/collar and fixed lead
  • Poo bags

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1 review for Bronze Scent Work Class

  1. Simmone Smith

    Amber has just completed the bronze level scent work course,it was something new and completely different to try from the other courses we have completed,we can’t wait to sign up for the silver course as it was so much fun,and amazing to see our young dog really working hard but enjoying Searching and indicating,and the bonus is we can take what we have learned in or out side when the weather permits.
    Thank you Katie .

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