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Gold Agility Class


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Gold Agility classes:

  • Maximum four dogs per class
  • Force-free training
  • Six week course
  • Full course, all obstacles 
  • Working on speed and refining techniques
  • Soft impact surface for jumping
  • Can cater for all physical abilities and ages (humans and dogs!)
  • High welfare agility!
  • Earn your gold agility medal!
  • Become a member of our exclusive Agility Club!

Next class:

  • New class dates will be released in the summer
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Gold Agility Class

This Gold Agility Class is only for dogs who have passed the Silver Agility Class. If your dog has not passed this level please book either the Life Skills course (if you’ve not done classes with us yet), or the appropriate stage agility class.

Gold agility class

What is included?

  • Six weeks of one hour classes
  • Maximum four dogs per class = much more time on equipment for your dog compared to regular agility classes!
  • Gold medal on passing of the course (you can then join our Agility Club!!)

This course introduces the remaining equipment and by the end of the course you and your dog should be able to run multiple routes with you. You will have a much better understanding of handling and your dog will complete all obstacles.

As with all our agility classes it is important that dogs are coping well. We also continue to get dogs to understand the obstacles and complete them with distance handling!

Week six of the course has a low stress assessment for you and your dog to see what areas you may need to improve on.

This is a very high level of training and very few dogs pass the course first time, but it’s lots of fun and practice even if you have to repeat!

How to book

Pick the start date which suits you best above and purchase your spot!

If you want to discuss suitability or anything about the course get in touch by emailing ( or phoning (07785 800008)

Start dates on here and on our Facebook page!

What to bring

  • High and low value treats
  • Non tightening harness/collar and fixed lead
  • Sensible footwear (you might be running!) and clothing (it’s mostly outdoors!)
  • Poo bags


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