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Gold Good Companion Class


  • Six week group course
  • Maximum four dogs per class
  • Force-free science based training
  • Work towards your Gold Good Companion medal
  • Notes to accompany each session on our online Portal
  • Your dog must have passed Silver Good Companion class prior to starting Jubilee

Upcoming Gold Good Companion Classes:

  • New class dates will be released in the summer
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APDT Jubilee Class

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers APDT Jubilee Class is the next level in training after passing the APDT Progress Class. (If your dog hasn’t completed Life skills and gained bronze and silver medals please in for the appropriate class instead.)

As with all our classes there are a maximum of four dogs per class meaning you and your dog get as much help and 1-2-1 tuition as possible.

What the course covers

This is the highest level of training offered nationally through the APDT. It asks a lot from both you and your dog! But, as with all out training, we want to make it fun and relaxing for you all too!

During this course you will be working towards an assessment in week six to pass the level and earn your gold PPT medal! The level is much higher than asked for at Progress and so practice at home between classes is a must. Many people need at least two attempts of the course to achieve the required level.

APDT jubilee class

During the course we further progress:

  • Most behaviours now off lead and with distractions!
    • Greetings
    • Leave
    • Walking and settles
  • Scent indication
  • Send away
  • Recall
  • Wait (including out of sight)

And bring in new behaviours such as:

  • Trick combinations and sequences
  • Emergency stop
  • New games!

The details

All courses are for six classes lasting one hour each.

Written notes will be emailed out following each class detailing the behaviours taught.

Please bring treats (high and low value), a a bed, a toy and a chew with your dog.

And as always no equipment which tightens or hurts your dog in any way.

Multiple family members are always welcome to attend training classes including children, as long as they don’t interrupt other dogs’ training and are supervised at all times.

See our terms and conditions here

How to book

See dates posted above or on our Facebook page for our latest APDT Jubilee class dates.

Please contact us (07785 800008 or if you have any questions. Or to confirm your spot purchase your ticket here.

Your dog must have passed APDT Progress Class prior to starting this course.


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