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Gold Gundog Class

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Gold Gundog Class

  • Suitable for dogs who have passed the Silver Gundog Class
  • Maximum of four dogs per class
  • Written notes for each class
  • Six week of one hour classes
  • Force-free training
  • Gold medal on passing

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Gold Gundog Class

Our highest level gundog class is our Gold Gundog class. This is only suitable for dogs who have passed our Silver Gundog Class.

This level requires a very high level of training and works towards the Gundog Trust Graded scheme Level Three.

As with all our training it is all force-free. We have a maximum of four dogs per class. Some of these classes take place away from our Academy to offer suitable terrain.

What’s included in the course

This course pushes your dog to a really high leve of training. We add in water retrieves, increased difficulty blind and marked retrieves and directional work. An exceptionally high level of obedience training is required alongside this.

Written notes discussing the training, tips and exercises are sent out following each class.

At the end of the course there is an assessment to see if your dog is at the required level. If you pass your will receive a Positive Pet Training Gold Gundog Medal! You would then be eligible to continue training by joining our elite Gundog Club!

You should also be at a level, if you wish, to apply for external assessment under the Gundog Trust Graded Scheme Level 3. This level means you could easily begin to compete your dog on grander scale or continue training to have a full, extremely successful working dog.

How to book

Select a suitable date above and purchase your ticket.

Ensure that your dog has passed the Silver Gundog Class.

If you would like to discuss the suitability of the course for your dog or anything about the course please get in touch. Email or call 07785 800008.

Multiple family members are welcome to attend classes, including children. Children must be supervised at all times and not be disruptive to other dog’s training.

Please see our Terms and Conditions here

What to bring

  • Your whistle
  • Dummies
  • Suitable outdoor clothing
  • None tightening harness/collar and fixed lead (no slip leads)
  • High and low value treats
  • Poo bags


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