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Gold Scent Work Class

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Gold Scent Work Class

  • Scent work group class
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Force-free training
  • Maximum four dogs per class
  • Written notes for each class
  • Six week course, one hour lessons
  • Gold medal on passing

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Gold Scent Work Class

Our Gold Scent Work Class progresses the training from our Silver course. We are in another scent! With multiple scents, distraction scents and smaller volumes this course really tests your dog’s nose power!

You need to work together as a team to detect all the scents at a higher, harder level on this course!

Week six involves an individual assessment search. You will not be told how many scented items there are over all, and marks will be attributed to indication and speed!

This requires a very high level of training and brings your dog up to a working dog standard! On passing you will earn your Gold Scent Work medal and be invited to join our Scent club to continue training and practising throughout the year if you wish!

How to book

Select a course date that suits and purchase your ticket online to secure your place!

Please ensure your dog has passed the Silver Scent Work Class first.

If you would like to discuss the suitability of the course for your dog or anything about the course please get in touch. Email or call 07785 80008.

Multiple family members are welcome to attend classes, including children. Children must be supervised at all times and not be disruptive to other dogs, particularly during searches.

Please see our Terms and Conditions here.

What to bring

  • High and low value treats
  • Non-tightening harness/collar and fixed lead
  • Poo bags


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