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Grain Free Wet Dog Food Trays


Positive Pet Training

Grain Free Wet Dog Food Trays

10 x 395g

PETA approved meat sources

Minimum 42% Meat Quality

Great range of flavours

Great for stuffing Kongs!

Local delivery or collection



Why grain free wet dog food?

Here at Positive Pet Training we offer training, behaviour and veterinary services; but we also sell our own brand of high quality grain free wet dog food. We feed our own dogs on this diet and they absolutely love it!

We have written a blog discussing all types and dog food and if you’re unsure what is right for your dog please have a read here. You can also read impartial advice from the super useful website All About Dog Food. This lets you see where your current food ranks compared to other brands available. Our diet is made of the same stuff as the Pero grain free brand (it ranks really high!) but you can get it cheaper through us directly!

grain free wet dog food

Why wet food?

For some dogs dry food is fantastic as it can be easy to measure how much you are feeding them. Dry food is also great for keeping teeth clean. But some dogs don’t enjoy dry food, and some dogs with missing teeth need the soft texture of wet food.

Wet food is also fantastic for making food last longer! We use wet food in our stuffed Kongs (see our blog here) and for making ice pops for the dogs in the summer! Wet food is also very useful for hiding medications in and taking the stress out of worming or long term tableting.

Our grain free wet dog food is a complete diet, so dogs can eat only this or it can be used to supplement a dry diet to give variety and texture to a diet.

What’s available?

Our grain free wet dog food comes in ten packs of 395g trays and the following flavours are available;

  • Ocean fish and sweet potato
  • Chicken and sweet potato
  • Lamb and sweet potato

grain free wet dog food

What’s in the food?

Our food is 100% grain free. There is a minimum 42% meat content (real quality meat!). All the meat sources are PETA approved (look after the other animals as well as your dog)!

The low waste means most dogs produce considerably less faeces when on this food compared to a grain diet. We’ve also already had medical improvements with dogs since switching to our high quality diet!

And best of all – every dog who’s tried it has absolutely loved it


The food is available for collection during training at the Academy or at your home, as well by easily arranged times for collection to suit for no extra charge.

Delivery is available for £2/delivery within 10mile radius of ST10 2BF. If you live outside this radius but would still like delivery please contact us and we can give you a personalised quote.

Just let us know which wet/dry, size kibble and flavour you’d like when ordering!


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