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Group classes are a great way to improve the relationship with your dog whilst working towards a set goal. They are perfect for training issues including recall, lead work and trick training.

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group classes

Group Classes

We offer small group classes, with a maximum of four dogs per class, at our purpose built facility in Whiston, North Staffordshire. These small numbers give a great level of one to one tuition for you dogs. It means the dogs and you don’t have too many distractions and everyone progresses faster than in larger classes. Each family and dog also have more space to use in our indoor and outdoor training areas. These are particularly important for certain exercises such as recall and lead work.

We ask all clients wanting to attend our group classes to first attend our introductory seminar. In which we cover some of the theory essential to our training. This is for pet guardians only, no dogs, allowing you to meet us, see the facilities and understand more about how we run things.

Life Skills

Our group classes work in age and development level starting with Life Skills for either adults or puppies. Life Skills is an approach different to traditional training. Not only in the science behind training (meaning we only use force free, high welfare methods) but in our goals. We aim to produce well behaved dogs rather than “obedient”dogs. We want dogs who have trained with us to be confident, happy dogs. They can make the right decision in each set of circumstances rather than you having to tell your dog what to do constantly. This difference can seem subtle but makes a huge difference to your dog’s quality of life and makes living with a dog much easier too!

You will receive emailed notes weekly detailing all the exercises covered in class throughout the course for you to refer back to when practising at home.

APDT Good Companion Awards

As dogs progress in their training we then offer APDT Good Companion Awards. These progressive awards which have a set level at which you and your dog must achieve in which to pass the award at the end of classes. The highest level, Jubilee, demonstrates a truly high level of training but all training is aimed at real life situations. From Foundation, through to Progress and then Jubilee your dog can earn their very own bronze, silver and gold medals as they pass the courses!

All APDT Good Companion award classes come with in depth notes covering each exercise we teach which are emailed out after classes.

group classes

Agility Classes

We now run our very own Bronze, Silver and Gold agility classes here at Positive Pet Training! As with all our classes there is a maximum of four dogs per class meaning plenty of time with each piece of equipment. In contrast to most agility classes we have you and your dog working throughout the hour, at an appropriate pace for you and your dog, rather than waiting on the sidelines for most of the class and frustrating your dog!

Each course works on adding in new pieces of equipment as well and streamlining your handling skills and your dog’s ability on the course. Our outdoor training area is a perfect low impact surface for agility to protect your dog’s joints, we also offer hoops instead of jumps for dogs who have any limitations. We can also teach agility when handlers have limited mobility but it can also be a great way to exercise with your dog if you wish to!

Just For Fun Training

We are also looking at running sport specific group classes including gun dog work, treibball and scent work. These are all currently offered on a one-to-one basis but if you would be particularly interested in classes please contact us.

We also offer one off classes such as seasonal classes (Christmas, summer, Easter, Halloween) and single class workshops e.g. recall and lead work focussed. Keep an eye on here and our Facebook page or fill in our contact form to be included in our emails so you don’t miss out!

All group classes include;

  • Maximum of four dogs per class, same dogs for each block of classes
  • Six 1  hour sessions over consecutive weeks (unless otherwise stated)
  • Real life training
  • Written notes to accompany each class (excluding agility)
  • Q&A Sections
  • Phone and email support whilst training with us
  • Certificate of completion

Classes cost £80 for the full six week course, to book a place on course we ask for £20 non-refundable deposit with the rest payable on the first class, or you can pay for the full course in advance.

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