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Hoopers Bronze


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Bronze Hoopers Class:

  • Maximum of four dogs per class
  • Force-free training
  • Six week course
  • Progressive levels available
  • Bronze Medal on passing course!

Next class:

  • New class dates will be released to our priority list first – please let us know if you’d like to be placed on our priority list for this or any other course.
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This Bronze course is all about getting you and your dog fluent with the equipment!

We introduce the three main pieces of kit on any course: hoops, tunnels and barrels!

By the end of the course you and your dog should be completing a mini course with all these different obstacles and feeling comfortable and happy understanding what you need to do!

On week six there is a low stress assessment to see if you and your dog are ready to progress onto the next level. If you pass you will be awarded your Hoopers bronze medal and be eligible for our silver class which includes lots more courses to run!


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