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Introductory Seminar at our Dog Academy in Whiston, Staffordshire. We ask all clients to attend prior to training with us to cover the basics in theory behind dog training.

Please complete our contact form when booking onto the seminar. This gives us more information about your dog and allows us to offer the most appropriate training options.

Next seminar:

  • Sunday 8th December 10am


introductory seminar

Introductory Seminar

Our introductory seminar lasts approximately 3 hours long. The seminars are run on a regular basis at our Dog Academy in Whiston, Staffordshire. This is an entirely theory session and therefore, sorry, but dogs are not invited to attend. Children are welcome to come along but we’re afraid it may be a little boring for younger children.

The cost is £10 per family to attend and we do encourage as many family members to attend as possible as this truly is the basis to all of our training. The seminar will cover how dogs learn, dog body language and an introduction to dog behaviour. We also go into more detail about our ethos and it gives you the opportunity to see our facilities and met us before signing up to train with us.

We ask everyone wanting to start training classes with us to first attend an Introductory Seminar. This allows us all to be working from the same page with your dog. It also means we have covered a lot of the theory aspects leaving more time for practical work in class!

The seminar is also great for anyone just wanting to learn more about their dog, and how to communicate better with them.

Upcoming Seminars:

Introductory Seminar are run at our Dog Academy, Whiston, Staffordshire at 10am. If you would like to attend a seminar please purchase your ticket for the desired date.

How to book

Please fill in our Contact Form. This way we can then discuss appropriate training options with you at the seminar including 1-2-1 and group training classes.

If you would like to secure your place on a Life Skills course you can also book that online too. You must complete the life Skills course before attending any of our other classes.


Furthermore we are happy to set up special offers for local animal charities for volunteers and fosters/rehomers etc. to attend. Please feel free to contact us to discuss this further.

Please see our Terms and Conditions here.

Tickets are non-refundable, but with notice we are happy to change dates to another seminar for you.

Other Seminars

Keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page as we regularly run other seminars throughout the year including;

  • Dog first aid seminars
  • Cat first aid seminars
  • In-depth behaviour seminars
  • Trick training seminars
  • Gun dog seminars
  • Sound phobia seminars
  • Scent detection seminars


2 reviews for Introductory Seminar

  1. Claire Whilock

    Really enjoyed the dog seminar, found it very interesting. Made to feel welcome. Would definitely recommend it.

  2. Harriet Maddock

    When we bought our puppy two weeks ago, there was no contemplating on where to take him for training – of course it was here at PPT.

    However before starting our classes Katie invited me to their seminar – which is really informative. We’ve all done it (or at least the majority of us) we’ve gone out bought a puppy and thought “I can train him, it cant be that hard”. Well from this seminar I learnt things that I didnt have a clue even existed and actually how hard and challenging it can actually be to train a dog, without knowing some of the simplistic things first; eg: body language and how dogs actually processes and learns.

    Both; Katie and Ian work brilliant together, they’re extremely knowledgeable and up to date with all current methods of training and scientific studies – making sure you get the best out of your future life together as a family (with your new addition) and of course your training.

    The seminar is full of very useful information and I can assure you, after the seminar you will not consider taking your beloved pet anywhere else for their training.

    Great work Katie and Ian!

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