Life Skills Class


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⊇Life Skills Class

  • Maximum of four dogs per class
  • Force-free training
  • Puppy and Adult classes run
  • Weekday evening and Saturday classes available
  • Six weeks of 1 hour classes
  • Three hours of online teaching
  • Detailed written notes on our online Portal
  • FREE Positive Pet Training Treat Bag – worth £20!
  • Certificate on completion
  • Puppies – dogs 20 weeks or under at the first class
  • Adults – all dogs over 20 weeks at first class

Upcoming class dates:

  • Adults Saturday 28th may (no class 18th June) 11am
  • Adults Sunday 5th June 10am (six consecutive weeks)
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Life Skills Class

life skills class

Life Skills class for puppies and adult dogs is the first level of training with Positive Pet Training. During the class you and your dog will also be assessed for the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Good Companion Award (puppy and beginner adult as applicable).

All of our training is science based and force-free (we don’t hurt or scare dogs in our training) with a maximum of four dogs per class. This gives you plenty of time with the instructor and limits the distractions for your dogs so that they are able to learn effectively.

We have fantastic indoor and outdoor facilities to use during training including our secure outdoor run which is great for practising recall!

This course of six weeks of lessons also includes access to our three hour online teaching modules! This includes learning about dog body language, dog behaviour and how dogs learn. If we can’t understand how dogs are communicating and learning then we can’t teach them effectively!

What is covered?

We focus on the 10 life skills that all dogs need to know (developed at Lincoln University);

  • I have confidence
  • I like surprises
  • I like to be touched
  • I have self control and can tolerate frustration
  • I can be calm
  • I know the rules
  • I can listen
  • I have good manners
  • I need help to make the right decisions
  • I am allowed to be a dog

As well as basic cues including;

  • Recall (coming back when called)
  • Loose Lead Walking (not pulling on the lead)
  • Leave
  • Drop
  • Getting in and out of the car safely
  • some fun tricks and much, much more!

How is this different to other training classes

Our whole approach is different to many old fashioned training classes. We want to teach you to understand your dog and to be able to teach them yourselves!

Our small classes allow for lots of attention from instructors meaning better value for money and you and your dog are more likely to succeed.

Life Skills Class

We are force-free and allow your dog to make lots of decisions themselves. This is very different to telling your dog what to do all the time and is much more for for you and your dog.

We focus on real life training. We want your dog to cope with being a dog in the modern day and to be the dog you want them to be!

Your dog won’t be fully trained just by coming to classes. Classes are less than 1% of your dog’s week for six weeks. But we will give you the tools to be able to continue the training at home. Once completed you can then join the next level of training with us – Foundation!

I’ve already done training with my dog

We always recommend starting at Life Skills class when beginning training with us even if you and your dog have undertaken classes elsewhere. This is because we train in a different, modern, force-free way compared to most trainers. This can take some time for you to adjust and for your dog to understand they can make decisions themselves. If you’ve done lots of training it means you will still progress lots during this course and be more likely to pass the next levels of training on first attempt too.

If you have done 1-2-1 training with us before starting classes we still recommend Life Skills class to start even though you will have learnt some of the exercises. This is because, as we will discuss with you, it is much harder for your dog to focus in a class environment. So by generalising the behaviours he has already learnt at home in class you will have a more consistent response and progress overall much faster! As you will have already completed the online teaching you can book on to the course for £100.

Coming to our Dog Academy in Whiston for a Life Skills Class means your dog has time to habituate to the training area. This means more difficult training in the future will be easier for your dog too!


To book please fill in our Contact Form and purchase your classes below.

Once booked you will be emailed access to the online teaching for you to do at home when you can. We recommend starting this before your first class if at all possible!

If you have already completed individual training with us remember you get a discount when booking onto our Life Skills class so get in touch for your discount code.

What to bring

For class please bring lots of treats (high and low value), a bed for your dog, a toy and a chew.

Also please ensure that no equipment for your dog tightens or hurts your dog (no choke chains, half choke, slip leads, head collars, tightening harnesses). We also recommend you bring a fixed lead (not an extendable one).

Remember to bring protective clothing and sensible footwear as some training is done outside.

All family members are more than welcome to attend training classes, including children as long as they don’t disrupt other dogs during training and are supervised at all times.

Please see our Terms and Conditions here

7 reviews for Life Skills Class

  1. M Brittan (verified owner)

    Great facilities and excellent instructor. I enjoyed attending with my recently adopted boy Gunner

  2. Chris Hyde

    Katie has guided us through Life Skills for our two Boarder Terriers.
    She has such a relaxed way with the dogs our two could not do enough for them.
    Then Katie had to train us 🙂
    Brillant facilities and excellent instructors.
    We shall be back to extend our training.
    Many Thanks Chris Sue

  3. K Turner

    Katie is a really good instructor and helped us to help our dog in lots of situations he has to deal with in life. Our dog came away very happy from each session. Would recommend to anyone.

  4. Suzy Somerville

    Katie’s training is relaxed and detailed. Digger was challenged by the course (as were we!) and it was great to learn about the psychology as well as the training. The facilities are first rate. We can’t wait to move on to the next level of training!

  5. J Billingham

    We really enjoyed the life skills classes with our puppy, Buddy. Katie is an excellent instructor, she was so patient with us as we were the ones that needed the training. She instilled us with confidence and has taught us how to begin to read Buddy’s body language and the skills to help Buddy in real life situations such as meeting new people and going to the vets. The investment you make in coming to these lessons really is worth it as they will provide the foundations of an enjoyable relationship with your dog.

  6. Lindsey Pearson-Davies

    Buddy loved attending classes and gaining confidence around other dogs. He loves going to.class and trys his best as he is comfortable and happy in the surroundings and enjoys learning. Looking forward to more classes and helping his confidence grow.

  7. Fiona and Murphy

    Murphy and I really enjoyed our training. Katie was a fantastic teacher and the advice and knowledge was invaluable to me as a first time puppy parent! Combined with the online training, I now have a much better understanding of how Murphy thinks and behaves and have the skills and confidence to continue training at home.

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