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Individual Training


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Individual training with one of our qualified trainers focusing on training specific to you and your dog.

  • Access to online learning worth £60 (when purchasing four hours)
  • Focused, science based training
  • Personalised training experience
  • Training in your home (travel charges apply) or at our training field
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT
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Online Training

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Force Free

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As with all of our training, our individual training is force-free and science based and undertaken by one of our highly qualified trainers. Individual training is an opportunity to focus on training that is important to you and your dog and is a completely personal training experience.

Some people choose individual training to cover the same topics we would cover during classes but at a more flexible time suitable to you. Others need individual training because their dog would struggle in the class environment with other dogs and people present.

If you have any specific requirements we are always more than happy to discuss these with you and can accommodate any training so please get in touch.

Common training enquiries are:

  • Recall

  • Lead walking

  • Puppy training

  • Life Skills

  • Greeting visitors

  • Assistance dog work

  • Trick training

  • Gundog Work

  • Hoopers

  • Agility

  • Scent Work

  • Cooperative Care

How the consult works

We can get started right away helping you and your dog.

If you haven’t trained with us already please ensure you’ve completed our contact form to tell us more about you and your dog. This allows us to offer you the most appropriate training.

For clients who haven’t trained with us before please book four hours of training. This is because it isn’t feasible to address everything fully and progress you and your dog through the training in a single hour. Booking four hours  also gives you access to our online courses to help you succeed.

Single hour sessions are only available for dogs who we have already worked with either in individual or group training where we can finesse training already started and add in new exercises.

Please make an account on our portal and use the code emailed to you to access the Understanding Your Dog course. Please complete this before your first session.

Please have lots of small, very high value treats to hand for the training session. A fixed length lead, flat collar and/or harness – these items must not tighten or hurt your dog in any way. No slip leads/choke chains or tightening harnesses please. A tug toy if your dog plays with one can be useful and a high value chew incase we need to help your dog switch off for some of the session.

Our brand new state of the art facilities are under construction at the moment. So in the mean time we can train in your home (travel charges apply) or at a secure training field in Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire.

Yes we help with all behavioural concerns but if your dog is displaying problem behaviours (rather than a training issue as listed above) then you would need a veterinary behaviour consult. These can be claimed for on pet insurance and also look at the medical issues impacting behaviour. If there is a medical reason that your dog is struggling and we don’t address it then the training cannot be successful.


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