Travel Charge


Please contact us to receive your personalised travel quote

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If we come to you for one-to-one training or a behaviour consult there will be an additional travel charge. We will calculate this and give you an individual quote. Firstly we require a postcode and need to understand which service you require. To speed this process up you can fill in our contact form here.

travel charge

We try to keep travel charges as low as possible. The cost is not only for fuel but also for our time travelling to you which obviously reduces the time we could spend with another client.

Please add as many travel charges as necessary to meet your requirements/quote before checking out.

Reduced Travel Charge

To lower charges some people like to have more than one hour of training at a time. This way you only pay for travel once per session, rather than once per hour.

To eliminate travel charges you can be seen at our Dog Academy in Whiston, Staffordshire. This is not always appropriate for some home based problems and certain dogs. We can discuss this option with you if you get in touch.


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