Veterinary Referral

All behaviour consults are performed on a veterinary referral basis only. Please see below section for both pet guardians and veterinary surgeons for appropriate advice.


Pet Guardians

If you are a pet guardian looking for a behavioural consultation we only work on veterinary referral. This ensure continuity of care as we discuss the case with your vet. It enables us to investigate, rule out or treat any medical issues which may be causing or contributing to a behavioural issues. This is a vital part of the consultation.

Please call us to discuss your consult but also ask your vet to refer your pet to us. We will book the consult directly with yourselves and aim to see behaviour consults within a week of referral. Please see our page on behaviour consults here for more information.


Veterinary Surgeons 

Please fill in and email the below referral form, along with a full clinical history to refer a client for a behavioural consultation. We aim to see clients within a week of referral and will also follow up with a referral report to yourselves.

Free behaviour advice on cases is available, and I am always happy to discuss where referral is appropriate or not. Basic first aid behaviour advice to clients is also available free of charge through referral.

Any further questions or to discuss a case please don’t hesitate to contact Katie on 07785 800008 or

For any medical work up advised clients will be referred back to their practice with advice. I will always be happy to discuss any behavioural implications on associated results.

Generally castration would never be recommend in order to “fix” a behaviour concern. If a client is discussing castration but considering referral please refer first. If appropriate, castration will be recommend following the consult. This way we avoid any potential irreversible negative impact on behaviour.